About the Artist

My name is Callie Waldschmidt & I am the designer and co-owner of Mister Lost's Dirtbag Society. I have always been a passionate artist looking for ways to get my vision of the world to other people. Starting a t-shirt company just seemed like the obvious first step. So, in every second of my spare time, I began drawing and teaching myself to turn my art into computer graphics. I am a novice but I am devoted to my craft and hope to inspire you with my images. 

I am a PNW born and bred native with a convincing view that Bellingham is the best place on earth. A passion for a life outdoors was passed down to her by her father, an outdoor enthusiast, and retired pioneer snowboard and snowmobile filmmaker. I was raised on skis, snowmobiles and exploring the woods, and capturing all the new sights in one of my multitudes of notebooks.

I have always appreciated traveling, living simply, and dreamt of someday owning a van. I just never realized how attainable these goals actually were. It all changed after a trip to Squamish, British Columbia, with a friend who had a bed built inside his LandRunner. I was completely inspired. That summer I moved out of a quaint rental house and into the back of my Jeep Liberty. I bought a new bike with what used to be the rent budget and was living large. After a couple months of showering at the local park and cooking food in parking lots, I upgraded to the full-fledged van of my dreams; A lifted GMC Savanna with a few dents and scratches and a metal skull mounted on the brush guard. I did a sloppy but functional speed build, making a cozy bed on the back seat, a desk where I could write and draw for the Dirtbag Society. Oh, and don't forget the custom bamboo floor that I installed after ripping out the pink shag carpet. Life on the road proved a perfect match, living and traveling around the Pacific Northwest and playing on an almost daily basis. 

Today, my van is my weekend getaway vehicle. I am living in a trailer in the backwoods, paying next to nothing for rent. You can find me in the woods riding my mountain bike or working at Mister Lost's Mobile Bike Shop.

Mister Lost