The Dirtbag Society Perks

Wealth: A low cost of living makes room for more money spent on what matters. More time to fulfill you passions. More time to make connections and have deep relationships.

Freedom: You bathe in streams, ponds and lakes during the summer. Gyms and friends homes in the winter. You come and go when you please. You do not have to spend hours doing dishes, or cleaning empty rooms of your house. You have everything that you need. You can wake up in the mountains, desert, jungle, seaside, forest. All you have to do is make your way there. 

Gratitude: You will be grateful for everything good that comes your way. Simple things like a free hot shower. A public restroom with an unlocked door. A view out your bedroom window that can change any day you want. 

Mindfulness: Life slows down. You can live in the moment while being at ease. Living on the road is hard and you have to work for everything that you take for granted while living a normal life. But you will never look back and wonder where the time went. Repetition kills dreams. 

Direction: If you swing it right, you can work during the nights and play during the days. Work doesn't disappear, but you get a very direct vision of what you are working for. 

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