Who is Mister Lost?

With thumb out wearing an aged pair of yellow leather gloves, Mister Lost was first found. Standing alongside an empty mountain highway with a large rucksack hoisted on his back, a pair of skis strapped to the side and tethered into an “A.” It was the first snow storm of the season and he was thumbing his way into the thick of it. His jacket was tattered. Burn spots from late-night campfires and duct tape patches that whispered stories. His beard was wild as the wind, and his eyes held a spark of life that was almost fictional. 

Mister Lost has been a nomad for most of his life, always searching and exploring deeper and deeper into the wilder places. He describes himself as a dirtbag, living passionately for his wandering lifestyle. From skiing and mountain biking in the Cascades to hunting for arrowheads in the southern deserts, Mister Lost is always out there. He can be often found camping in his van near trailheads, waiting out storms, passing time playing an old harmonica. 

There is no photographic evidence of Mister Lost but chooses to be represented through a drawing based many fleeting encounters with the artist. Mister Lost may be someone you know, he could be your brother, best friend, or neighbor. But even more likely, his spirit is simply represented in them. 

Most have met Mister Lost, few recognize him, and all have been inspired to live a life of magical wandering. Mister Lost is the physical representation of these lost souls who devote their lives to living out their dreams and passions. Flashing moments like these have compiled to become the founding of Mister Lost’s Dirtbag Society. Founded for all the lost kids searching for the next ride. For those who quit their day jobs and move into vans. For those who disappear into the woods for days, dreading a return. For those who just can’t get enough of actually living life. We live for your stories.

Mister Lost