Dirtbag Resources


Living in a van can be challenging, even to the dirtiest of dirtbags. Here is a compilation of resources that we have found handy while traveling and living in a van. This list is constantly building. Check back for plenty of resource additions!


van-life.net: Home is where you park it. A collection of livable vehicles curated by Foster Huntington.

dirtbagdiaries.com: A podcast on all things outdoorsy and dirtbag



thevanual.com: Explore the entire van conversion process and learn what it takes to live life on the road.



warmshowers.org: Primarily for bike tourists, it is a list of fellow cyclists who offer their hospitality towards other touring cyclists.

McDonalds locations are often open 24hours, with free wifi, and typically the employees couldn't care less if you came in used the bathroom and wifi and then left without a purchase. 



Many Walmart locations offer free overnight parking. Be careful though, they can be know to be located in more suspicious areas of town. If you get bad vibes head to a campground or a quiet back street. 

Casino Camper: Find a list of casinos that allow free overnight stays (hoping to attract more customers)



The Outbound Collective: Browse thousands of adventure ideas and destinations to give your ramblings a direction to head in. 

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