Welcome all dirtbags


Here at Mister Lost’s Dirtbag Society we believe in appreciating all things simple, adventurous and gnarly. We are not here to appreciate those who purchase pre-ripped jeans. We are here to showcase those who have earned their worn out knees and broken denim seams. We are not here to sell the dirtbag lifestyle, we are here to be part of it and to marvel in our trials.

As dirtbags, we understand that we do not live the most glamorous lifestyle. As many nights that we spend waking up in the mountains, we equally wake up to sketchy industrial districts, vacant parking lots and to the occasional tapping of a concerned citizen warning us to leave immediately. Every time we shower, there is a wave of appreciation for free trial memberships at a gym, or the generosity of an understanding friend. Every time we sit near a fireplace, there is a massive appreciation for such a comforting source of heat. Living simply brings out a whole new appreciation for every individual aspect of life. We live for the memories, not for the mansions. We live a life of gratitude, lost in the everlasting search of moments that are both parts equally gnarly and peaceful. 

Mister Lost’s Dirtbag Society captures inspiration from travels, stories and actively living the dirtbag lifestyle. We are skiers, bikers, hikers, runners, surfers and climbers: all wholeheartedly devoted to pursuing our passions. Our apparel, stories and designs are cut and created from life on the road, and we are delighted to share them with you. 

With the help of supporters like you, who choose to layer yourself in our creations, you instantly become a key component in the dirtbag culture. With your support, we will keep gas in the vans, and jars of peanut butter in our cup-holders. Together we will continue to help dirtbag culture thrive by connecting people, ideas and passions into a society founded on a common mindset of constantly seeking fun. 

During our journeys we will be connecting with dirtbags alike, sharing our stories and then writing them up for the society to enjoy. The inter-web campfire will be the forefront of Mister Lost’s Dirtbag Society, by sharing interviews, story telling, photo-epics and ideas for success as a dirtbag. By creating a tight-knit family of vagabonds and purposeful hobo’s, we are enabling and creating a community for the lost souls that are constantly roaming for another perfect day.  

Now, all we have left to say is this: Go gas up the van, toss your skis in the back, lace up your boots and hit the road. 


The Dirtbags at Mister Lost’s Dirtbag Society

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